How to Be Twice as Productive Working from Home as You Were in the Office…Even If You Have Kids at Home and You Procrastinate a Lot

The world has changed. A lot. 

The new normal is that people like you and me are now working from home. 

But you might be struggling with this. Being productive at home is a lot harder than you thought. It’s harder to focus. It’s easier to get distracted. And with kids at home, it seems almost impossible to get work done.

In fact, you might be working more hours than ever before and feel on the brink of burnout. 

We’re living in a new world where things are changing fast.

Companies will close. Offices will shutter. Most of the employees left will work from home.

What that means for YOU and your career is up to you.

The new normal could be a disaster that takes your family decades to recover from. Or you and your family could come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

You can come out of this with a recession-proof career — by learning to double your productivity while working from home.

Before I explain how, let me tell you how I transitioned from a 2-hour daily commute in Los Angeles traffic to doubling my productivity by working from home. (I got SO productive that my boss even begged me to work from home.)

One day, I was sitting in traffic at a standstill on the freeway in Los Angeles. I turned my head and in the car next to me, I saw a man in his 60s who looked MISERABLE. The corners of his mouth were automatically turned down, his brow was furrowed, his whole face looked resigned and sad. His expression didn’t change for the 5 minutes we were stuck there together. He looked like he hated his life.

The thought hit me: that could be me in 40 years.

I’d read about people working from home, so when I got to work, I asked my boss to let me work from home for a day.

He declined. It was a hard no.

Over the next few weeks I kept asking, and he eventually caved and let me work from home 1 day a week. YES! I was so excited.

Then reality hit. I sucked at working from home.

I got distracted: eating, cleaning, folding laundry…all of it suddenly seemed a lot more interesting than doing work.

With no one looking over my shoulder, I procrastinated and turned things in late.

There was no separation between my work and personal life, so I ended up just working all the time (which didn’t make my girlfriend at the time happy).

I just didn’t know HOW to work from home.

Working from home was like being in a gym for the first time, not knowing what to do, and having no one to train me.

Eventually, through a lot of trial and error, I figured it out, and I DOUBLED MY PRODUCTIVITY working from home. My boss was so excited that he begged me to work from home more, and I worked from home 3 days a week, with only 2 days in the office.

And my job was never at risk. I actually got MORE job security, because my boss loved how much I was getting done.

When I quit that job to start Asian Efficiency in 2011, I knew I wanted to work from home forever, so I could design my life to live it to the fullest. I wanted ALL my employees to work from home, and I wanted us to bring this productivity to more and more people.

Working from home is how you design your ideal life and double your productivity, so your career is never at risk and you can always provide for yourself and your family.

Before I tell you the system I created to do it, let me ask if either of these ring true:

1. “I don’t know if I can work from home and be just as productive as if I was at the office.”

2. “Even if I was forced to work from home, I wouldn’t know how to do it.”

If so, I completely understand, because I was exactly the same way, and so were all my friends, employees, and clients before I taught them how to double their productivity working from home.

Let me tell you a couple stories to illustrate:

How Shelly Learned to Be Just as Productive Working from Home…Even Though She’s an Extrovert and Worried Working from Home Would Be Lonely and Depressing

Due to a leg injury, my friend Shelly had to work from home.

It sucked at first, because she couldn’t concentrate and her kids kept distracting her.

But I told her: it’s just like learning how to use the machines at the gym. Anyone can learn if someone shows you how.

Or it’s like going to college for your first semester and not knowing how anything works. Where do you get quarters for laundry? How do you register for classes? But someone shows you and you adapt.

I gave Shelly the strategies that let me double my productivity while working from home. I reminded her of all the times she’d changed departments and companies before and been able to adapt — and how this was going to give her way more benefits.

Within a day, Shelly was working from home like a pro. She still had regular meetings — remotely — with her team, so she didn’t feel lonely. And she loved being able to eat lunch with her young kids.

When Shelly came back to the office, her boss noticed how UNproductive she was compared to when she’d been working from home.

So Shelly’s boss actually asked, “Hey…would you mind working from home again like you were before?”

Of course not!

Ever since, Shelly has been working from home remotely, spending more time with her kids and family, and taking care of her aging mom. She can’t imagine ever going back to work in an office again.

How a Chemical Engineer Started Working from Home…Even Though He Had to Be Physically Present at His Company’s Lab

Matthew, a chemical engineer, was a client of ours. He never imagined he would work from home, but he wanted to spend more time at home with his family and kids so asked if he could work from home for 1 day a week.

At the same time, the company was losing money and was thinking of cutting down their staff to only a few people (Matthew had heard the rumors). So he needed to show them he was an irreplaceable engineer. If they downsized their lab and office space and had people work from home to save money, he wanted to be one of the few engineers they didn’t lay off.

The first 3 weeks Matthew worked from home, he felt out of his element, and didn’t know how to get stuff done. He missed the routine of team meetings, going out for lunch, and standing by the coffee pot chatting with people.

He got to spend more time with his kids…because they were interrupting him all the time and preventing him from getting his work done. Matthew ended up working on the weekends to make up for lost time and meet his deadlines.

He hated working from home. He was spending less quality time with his kids and was just getting more irritated with them, which completely defeated the purpose of working from home in the first place!

Matthew was thinking about going back to the office full time when he contacted me for advice, since he knew I’ve worked from home for 10+ years.

I gave him pointers on how to set up his home office, which apps to use, how to make sure people (including kids) don’t interrupt you, and other work-from-home productivity tips.

This was unlike ANY of the generic productivity tips he’d found on the internet in Reddit threads.

Within 2 weeks, Matthew was up to speed and had DOUBLED his productivity.

  • No more kid interruptions…
  • No more working on weekends…
  • More quality time with his kids…

Now he spends 50% of his time working from home and 50% in the lab to collaborate with his coworkers. He enjoys his work more than before, and he actually looks forward to going into the lab because the rest of his job is at home.

And he knows that he’s made himself irreplaceable to his employer, so his career is safe.

Even Though 99% of People Don’t Know How to Productively and Happily Work from Home, Anyone Can Learn. And Those Who Do Will Recession-Proof Their Careers.

Nowadays lots of people are getting laid off. Once you’re laid off, you’re likely to have lower wages the rest of your life. Your health suffers. In the U.S., you lose your health insurance. It has compounding negative effects.

Plus, laying people off isn’t the only way companies will cut costs. They’ll downsize or eliminate their physical office spaces, so they don’t have to pay rent. For example, a $2 billion company just announced that it’s not going to pay rent at any of its locations.

Things aren’t going back to normal after this. Millions of businesses won’t be able to survive months of being closed during social distancing. It will take millions of people months and years to find new jobs.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

The people who will thrive in the new economy — during and after the pandemic — are the people who know how to work productively from home.

Now if you’re thinking, “I tried that one time and it didn’t work. I barely got anything done, I hated it, and I couldn’t concentrate the whole day”… I completely understand.

When I first worked from home, I had no clue. I was used to working in an office setting with co-workers and having structure in place.

Eventually I figured it out, and then I taught it to my friends. Now most people I know — even my extroverted friends — work from home and love it. I’ve been doing it for 11 years and trained my employees to be remote and high-performing.

Working from home productively is a skill that anyone can learn — like learning to read and write — and it will make you invaluable and irreplaceable.

It will recession-proof your career, no matter what field you’re in.

Think about the move from typewriters to computers. Or the transition to using email in the workplace.

People who adapted quickly to those changes survived. Those who didn’t got laid off.

Or just look at the present: restaurants that didn’t use tech closed down first during COVID-19. Those who adapted to tech (using delivery services like GrubHub, Uber Eats, etc.) are still in business because they adapted to the current environment.

Darwinism doesn’t mean that the species who are strongest survive. It’s the species that ADAPT to the environment who survive.

We’re entering a new environment.

In this new economy, remote workers will be in the highest demand.

Let me show you how to adapt to our new economy.

What if You Could Recession-Proof Your Career, So No Matter What Happens, You Have a Job? And You LOVE It, Because You Get More Time with Your Family?


  • …that whatever happens with the world economy, your family is secure, because you have a good, in-demand, high-paying job
  • …not “settling” for whatever you can get in a bad economy, but being able to have your pick of jobs, whether that means keeping your current job or getting a new one, because you have the rare skill of being able to work productively from home
  • …never having to commute again! Saving thousands of miles put on your car and hundreds of hours wasted in traffic — hours of your life you’ll get back
  • …getting to spend more time with your family: breakfast together in the morning, taking your kids to school, having lunch with your partner or spouse
  • …not feeling like you’re at the whim of a boss or that you’re a victim of this pandemic, but that you’re taking your future into your hands. You’re adapting and coming out of this BETTER than before
  • …looking back in 20 years and seeing how well you came through for your family during this unprecedented crisis

Soon all companies will force people to work from home (part time and full-time) and let everyone go who can’t productively work from home.

The problem people will have adapting to this new reality is that nobody’s taught them how to work from home. It’s a skill, just like riding a bike..but there are no teachers or comprehensive guides to show you how.

The internet is full of generic productivity advice, but there’s nothing comprehensive about how to hold down a full-time, demanding job from HOME…especially if you have kids, roommates, or a spouse who also works from home.

Working productively from home is so much more than just tips to “have a clutter-free workspace.”

It’s creating a whole new way of working, which requires a comprehensive system that covers everything you need from A to Z.

Hi, My Name is Thanh Pham

Since I Founded Asian Efficiency in 2011, We’ve Helped 15,000 People Around the World Become More Productive and Efficient

At Asian Efficiency, we’ve helped 15,000 people become more productive, dependable, and successful human beings. We started out with 1-1 coaching — and when we retired that service so we could help more people with online courses, we were charging $1,000 per hour for our coaching.

My writing on productivity has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Yahoo!, The Globe and Mail, and The Guardian. I give keynote speeches at conferences around the world on productivity.

Productivity is my passion, and I’m so fortunate that I’ve been able to turn my passion into a living and help so many people live happier, more productive lives.

Now I want to share with you the 6-step system I created to double my productivity working from home, so my boss actually asked me to work from home MORE. It’s the system that has let my team and I run Asian Efficiency remotely for the past 9 years, and I’ve taught it to countless friends and clients.

The Simple 6-Step Process for Doubling Your Productivity While Working from Home, So You Can Recession-Proof Your Career

My team and I have created a 6-week, step-by-step, live training where we’ll teach you everything you need to know to double your productivity while working from home, so your career thrives in the new economy.

Every week, we’ll present you with a new step of the system. If you can’t make it live, you can view the recording later.

Each week’s presentation will end with actions you can take to improve your productivity at home and implement that week’s step IMMEDIATELY.

This system will work even if:

  • You have kids (young or teens) who loooove to interrupt you
  • You have roommates who are around all the time
  • You live on a noisy street, have loud neighbors, or have other annoying distractions
  • You’re an extrovert and you’re worried working from home will be lonely and depressing (it won’t!)
  • Your dog likes to bark at the mail carrier during MS Teams calls
  • You get easily distracted by the TV, doing chores around the house, or your phone
  • You have a micromanaging boss who you’re worried will think you’re slacking
  • You’ve tried working from home before and it didn’t work
  • You feel like you’re “bad” at technology and you get really frustrated with all the new apps for video conferences and messaging
  • You worry that your younger colleagues will adapt faster than you, making you first on the chopping block to get laid off

I’ve taught this system to extroverts, introverts, engineers, writers, artists, professors, researchers, translators, pastors, lecturers, teachers, accountants, nutritionists, and more.

The reason that this system works for everyone is that it’s NOT one-size-fits-all.

This system is like the skeleton structure of a house. YOU add the interior walls, the closets, the bathroom, the wall colors, etc. — everything to suit you and your personality.

By the end of this course, you’ll have learned this system and you’ll:

Be TWICE as productive as you were working in an office

So your boss is happy you’re working from home.

Enjoy a thriving career in the new coronavirus and post-coronavirus economy

No matter what happens: recession, depression, mass layoffs, or more.

Feel the safety of knowing your job is safe

And that you’re one of the 1% of people who know how to productively work remotely — so you’re irreplaceable.

Spend more time with your family every day

Because you’re not commuting and your schedule is more flexible.

Introducing: Productive at Home

A Course for People Who Want to Recession-Proof Their Careers by Learning How to Work Productively from Home

Here’s what you’ll learn in each of the steps. Each week, we’ll cover one step.

Module 1

How to Immediately Boost Your Productivity and Get Motivated to Work from Home, So Your Boss Notices the Improvement TODAY

In this step, you’ll get quick wins to immediately boost your productivity. If you’re struggling with working from home right now, this will quickly turn it around for you.

Big Takeaways:

  • The correct way to plan your day the night before, so it’s achievable and you actually DO it (instead of making a nice plan you don’t follow)
  • How to tell others not to interrupt you without causing drama or hurting their feelings…and so they actually respect the boundary
  • The #1 thing you absolutely MUST do every single day you work from home, or your productivity will plummet

Module 2

How to Set Up Your Home and Computer So You Get More Done Than You Were At the Office

In this step, you’ll learn how to set up your home, workspace, computer, and phone to be productive. This gets really fun, because you can set it up however you want. No need to wait for the purchasing department to buy what you need, or have to pick from an approved list of vendors.

Design your dream workspace!

Big Takeaways:

  • The top 3 apps for eliminating distractions, increasing focus, improving team communication, scheduling your day, and more. Testing apps that turn out to suck can waste a LOT of your time. We’ve put hundreds of hours into testing, so you don’t have to!
  • How to make a really small space comfortable, so you can be productive with the space you have
  • Do you need a standing desk? Which standing desk? Which headset? We’ll tell you what you need, and what’s nice to have, so you can decide works for your budget

Module 3

How to Structure Your Ideal Day, Build Routines, and Juggle Work and Home Life

Here we’ll show you how to build and stick to your ideal day. If you’re worried about not having the structure of a workday in an office — or if you’re a big procrastinator — then this will help you create structure.

Big Takeaways:

  • How to juggle home duties and work, while still having uninterrupted periods of time to focus, so you can get real work done (AKA, how not to start folding your laundry when you should be working)
  • How to prioritize your tasks for the day, so you know exactly what to do, don’t get distracted, and don’t feel overwhelmed by huge chunks of unscheduled time (which offices usually fill with meetings and small talk)
  • How to make sure you don’t spend the whole day on busy work and answering emails or MS Team messages, so you get real, important work done every day

Module 4

How to Deal with Other People and Kids So They Won’t Interrupt You and Your Schedule

In this step, you’ll learn how to set boundaries with people in your life, deal with younger kids as well as teenagers, and align schedules with all the people in your everyday life.

Big Takeaways:

  • How to set boundaries with the people in your home, including the exact scripts to say, so you can be clear but not hurtful
  • How to deal with another person who’s home all day, like a significant other, a parent, kids, roommate — so you can work from home without driving each other crazy
  • How to get work done when you have kids who are young and need a lot of attention or teenagers who are constantly testing boundaries. Being productive at home AND being a good, supportive parent is possible!

Module 5

How to Efficiently Communicate and Stay in Touch With Your Team and Direct Reports

Communicating remotely is a lot different from being able to walk over to someone’s cubicle or office and have a quick chat. But once you learn how to communicate effectively online, you’ll actually SAVE a lot of time — while maintaining positive relationships with your coworkers. In this step, we’ll show you how.

Big Takeaways:

  • Why email sucks and what to use instead, so you only spend 30 minutes a day on email (like me)
  • How to communicate with your boss/direct reports so they trust you and know you’re working
  • How to cut down on pointless back-and-forth and endless email threads with concise, clear, crisp communication that people easily understand and act on

Module 6

How to Set Up and Hold Online Meetings

If you just take your in-person meeting practices online without changing anything else, it will be painful and time-wasting for everyone involved. In this step, we’ll show you how to quickly schedule meetings with large teams, create a clear agenda, and run an online meeting efficiently.

Big Takeaways:

  • How to schedule meetings with people efficiently (instead of sending multiple emails back and forth), including which booking tools are best for your specific needs
  • A fill-in-the-blanks meeting template that we use at Asian Efficiency to host efficient meetings with our team members around the world. Just fill in the blanks and you’re good to go!
  • Which video-conference platforms and tools to use (and how to keep online meetings safe so no “Zoombombing” happens!)

We’ve Designed All of the Lessons, Worksheets, and Action Steps for You to Implement and See Results Immediately — No Fluff!

Every single thing we teach in this course is something we use ourselves at Asian Efficiency. We’ve tested it with our team and with the hundreds of other clients we’ve taught it to (many of them in 1-1 coaching that cost $5,000 and up).

Below you can enroll. You can choose between two payment options:


$199 Single Payment

$59 Payment Plan

$59 per month for 4 months


I work at a big company and we recently had one of our engineering teams go remote for 4 days a week. This change forced me to work from home for the first time and I had no idea what to do and how to manage the team. I couldn’t focus and felt out of place even though it was my own home! Luckily the people at Asian Efficiency gave me some easy, personal pointers that helped me a lot. Within a few days of applying the strategies I noticed a huge jump in my productivity and focus. What I like about AE is that you have done all the research and testing so I don’t have to. Thanks for everything you do!

Mark Goldstein
Executive at Fortune 500 Company

I’ve been working from home for 4 years now and never felt like I was really productive. With two young kids at home I have to juggle a lot of things by myself. Luckily I have an online business that allows me to be home with them but I still need all the help I could get. After working with Thanh he gave me coaching and guidance on how I needed to setup my home office and specific strategies for working from home with kids. I was a little skeptical about his suggestions but tried them anyway and they worked right away. He made me realize how my kids aren’t a distraction but rather a blessing to have around when I know how to be productive at home.

Jennifer Grayson
Work from Home Mom

When I started to work from home for one day a week I got really excited. This would give me more time with my kids and wife. But within a few weeks I started to dislike working from home because I couldn’t get anything done. So I reached out to the AE team for help and with their help I had a simple game plan on how I needed to focus and get things done at home. Especially while the kids were at home. My first step was creating a schedule to mimic the schedule of my lab and that was a big help. Then I set up my office the right way and I started to be more productive at home than I was at the lab. This is when I knew I figured it out thanks to the AE team. Thanks guys for helping me.

Matthew Davidson
Chemical Engineer

I’ve worked in an office for over 20 years and never ever did I think I would like working from home. As an extrovert and people person I like being in the office and talking to people. But then the pandemic twisted that big time and now I’m stuck at home. Luckily we already used Teams to communicate with most team members so that wasn’t a hard transition. The biggest problem for me was being focused at home and not getting distracted. Thanks to AE and their teachings I got a grip on my workflow and made a few tweaks to my own productivity system. It helped me a lot and I recommend their podcast and courses all the time. Now I like working from home and I can still be productive which makes me feel good.

Angela Rice
Manager at Tech Company

Thanks to the AE team I was able to use their tips and strategies to transition to work from home. I’ve tried working from home before but always failed at it so I reached out to the AE team for help and guidance. By applying their system I was able to make the transition and be focused at home which I thought I was impossible. Now I only come to the office twice a week which gives me more time to play golf and take my kids out for fun play dates.

Sebastian Diaz
Sales Manager

Recession-Proof Your Career by Learning to Work from Home — While Doubling Your Productivity — So You’re Indispensable to Your Employer and ALWAYS Have a Job in the New Economy

This 6-week course will take you from feeling worried about your future…

Feeling like your economic security is out of your control and is based on the whims of the market, the coronavirus, or the government…

Feeling dread each morning as you open your email, hoping there’s not an email from HR asking to schedule a call so they can lay you off…

…to 100% in charge of your career and future. We’ll cover everything you need to know in just 6 weeks.

Unlike the 99% of workers who don’t know who to work productively from home, you’ll not only work from home — you’ll DOUBLE your productivity and become irreplaceable to your company.

All you have to do to recession-proof your career is enroll in our live training now.

Normally we spend a year working on a course, but we want to get this info to you ASAP so you’re safe, keep your job, and thrive in this new economy. Later, we’ll turn it into a recorded course that will sell for $499 (our other courses sell for $1,000+).

In this scary and urgent time we’re in right now, we want to get this time-tested information to you NOW.

So we’re offering this course at a MUCH lower investment than normal, and it will increase later this year as we turn it into a permanent online course.

All you have to do to join now and make yourself recession-proof is join now for just $299. Below you can find two payment options:

$199 Single Payment

$59 Payment Plan

$59 per month for 4 months

These 4 Bonuses Are Included When You Join Now ($260 Value)

To help you double your productivity even faster, I’m including these bonuses:

The Work from Home Kit

The essential tools, apps, home equipment, and headphones you need, including recommendations for different budgets. You’ll also get a PDF checklist to make sure you have everything you need to be productive.
$20 Value

Home Habits Template

Easy templates for designing your ideal morning and evening routines, mindfulness routine, and planning your day, week, and month.
$20 Value

MS Teams Masterclass

Get the best practices, communication protocols and strategies of high performing remote teams who us Microsoft Teams. This masterclass is exclusive to this course and is not available anywhere else. 
$200 Value

Productive at Home Interview Series with Real Remote Workers

You’ll hear interviews with real people who work from home, including a corporate worker who works remotely, a single mother with young kids, a family with young kids, people who are caregivers for other people, AE employees, a highly successful entrepreneur, and a lifestyle entrepreneur who travels a lot.
$200 Value

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
(and If You Lose Your Job in the Next Year, You Get Your Money Back)

Usually I only offer 1 guarantee on our courses.

But in this economy — with so much at stake for people — I want to offer more security.

So you have TWO guarantees with this course:

1. If you’re not happy with the course for ANY reason at all, you can ask for your money back. Just email us at, and we’ll issue you a quick and courteous refund. No questions asked.

2. If you lose your job in the next 12 months, show us a letter/email, and we’ll refund your purchase. We’re that confident that this course will make you irreplaceable and it’s a guarantee that’s unmatched anywhere in our industry. So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most commonly asked questions. If you have any others, feel free to email my team at, and we’ll respond ASAP.

How long do I keep access to the course?

You get lifetime access, including all future updates, so you’ll always have the material to return to and stay productive at home.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we do! Payment plans are typically priced a little higher due to the risk and liability that we take on. If you prefer to spread your payments over time, select the payment plan option during the checkout process.

How much time does this take?

The total course length is about six hours. It takes most clients about two afternoons to go through the whole course.

Will this work on my Mac/PC/phone?

Yes. This course is designed to work on any internet browser, so you can use it on any of your internet-connected devices. Right after you join, you’ll get a login, and you’ll be watching the welcome video 2 minutes from now.

Will this work in my field/industry?

Yes, even if part of your job has to be in person, you can successfully do some of it from home, and I’ll show you how. We’ve taught this system to engineers, teachers, librarians, people who handle classified or sensitive material, and many others who had to do part of their job in person.

$199 Single Payment

$59 Payment Plan

$59 per month for 4 months

Economists Say We’re Probably Already in a Recession. We Might Fall into a Depression. Will You Fall Victim to It? Or Will You Take Control, Secure Your Future, and Recession-Proof Your Career?

A lot of people feel worried and like their financial future is totally out of their control right now.

“What will happen to the economy?”

“Will my company go bankrupt?”

“Will I get laid off?”

“What will happen to the kids if both of us lose our jobs?”

Unfortunately, no one is coming to save us. A few months of unemployment checks (at best) and that’s it.

And sadly, 99% of people will not be ready for the new economy that’s waiting for us — that we’re ALREADY transitioning to.

Work-from-home jobs have already been increasing for a decade. The coronavirus pandemic is just accelerating that trend.

We can either stay up at night worrying about what will happen, stay stuck in a job that’s precarious, that has no guarantees for the future, that could end at any time…

…or we can take control and make ourselves irreplaceable.

What I’m offering you is the chance to TAKE CONTROL of your career by doubling your productivity working from home. To design and live your life how you really want. To take control of your family’s security and future.

When you do that, it doesn’t matter what the government does (or fails to do).


Right now, no one’s job is guaranteed.

But I’m guaranteeing the results of this course. I’ve removed all the risk, so there’s only reward.

Will you recession-proof your career now?

$199 Single Payment

$59 Payment Plan

$59 per month for 4 months

After the pandemic is over — whether that’s weeks or months from now — more and more people will be working from home.

Employers will see how much money they save by not having to pay rent and upkeep on offices.

Many companies will downsize to smaller offices, lay people off, and have most of their employees work from home.

More and more companies will move to using remote contractors who they don’t have to pay benefits to, in order to save money and increase flexibility.

You can be part of the workforce that will have a job and be irreplaceable — in fact, you’ll be even more productive than before. Join Productive At Home now and let’s get that taken care of.

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